Friday, January 16, 2009

Rode hard put away wet - a rare wprk post

This has been a long hard past two weeks at my office. Firstly it is always hard to come back after two weeks off. I don't know how I'm going to survive it when I go to Ireland (unless I meet a wildly attractive Irish man who will sweep me off my feet and take me away from all this forever... a girl can dream right??) :) Coming back will be HARD.

Second, some parts of my job are uncomfortable. I work in benefits and some things I have to do are difficult. We have had two people die at my work in the past two weeks. I get the fun job of speaking with family about things like life insurance etc. Both were sudden so their families are broken up.

Third, I've been working with someone who just frustrates the hell out of me. He also is a major time suck and what should be a simple meeting turns into an hour and a half of me wanting to bang my head on a desk.

Next week will be a better week, I'm sure of it. (Or not, but my fingers are crossed that it will be).

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