Friday, January 23, 2009

Chocolate for Itches

Last night Stephen and I went to NARAL's Chocolate for Choice event at Safeco Field. It was an interesting gathering. I probably won't attend again, but I'm glad I did and I picked up some nice chocolate. There was a silent auction, which Stephen won something from, and a regular auction of cakes. I didn't bid on anything, but I considered it. I always feel badly for the things that don't get bid on. Like somehow they weren't good enough. It's weird, I know. I think it is actually that I feel badly for the people that donate the item. I know that if I were donating an item (and a lot of the items were handicrafted) I would take care and choose carefully picking something that I thought would earn money for the charity. I guess I would be disappointed if I thought something was great and nobody else did. I might be too sensitive about rejection (or perceived rejection). :)

One thing I should have thought about, but failed to, was the amount of food I might be able to consume. I know I read that both bakers and confectioners would be there, but it was mostly bakers. There were only a few stalls with chocolate that wasn't a baked good. Although Stephen more than made up for my inability to have things. (I'm pretty sure he ate more chocolate than I did all the while proclaiming his dislike for chocolate. ;) ) I did have this wonderful chocolate gelato that had a burnt sugar something or other that was divine. I also got several truffles from theo's chocolate so that I haven't tried yet. I picked up some fudge. Have I ever mentioned I don't really like fudge? I know, for a chocoholic like me to not like fudge it is a weird thing, but I think it is the addition of condensed milk which kind of burns my throat that does it.

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Stephen said...

I ate a crapload of chocolate again tonight.

2 cups of extra chocolate hot chocolate.
chocolate covered graham crackers
chocolate bread
various chocolate bits

Have I mentioned I hate chocolate. I don't even know why I this. Every bite tastes rather putrid, but I am so in love with exquisite food that I just consume anyway.

I managed to only sleep through two 3 or 4 minute stretches of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The songs rock. The rest not so much. Frankly (and I didn't like the new one), I thought the new one was better made. But had I seen the original first, I'd punch myself in the nose for even thinking that.