Monday, January 05, 2009

Random things

I like this idea I had while walking home today. Since Mandy's kid's spring break does not coincide with Lyday's spring break I think I could actually go for 2 weeks and meet my sister there for the first week and meet Lyday the 2nd week. That could be awesome. Of course to figure out the finances for that will take some doing but that may be the plan. Now to list the must sees, the nice to sees, the maybe sees and the eh I don't care about that to figure out where to go. Whee. I love vacation.

I was glad to get back when I did. The past two weeks I slept at three different places besides my apartment. That was fine, but I found it very strange that at all three of those places (yes one being Michelle's house) the showers were all designed for short people. The one at the hotel in Leavenworth was the worst. Not only did I have to kind of crouch my knees down but I also had to do the back tilt to get my head under the water. My sister is only 5'4" and it was short for her. So weird. Despite the hole in the wall, I do love my shower. The water is outrageously hot and I get good water pressure. AND it is plenty tall enough. Yay.

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Peeved Michelle said...

My friend, Sara, went on the Harry Potter tour in Scotland and visited places where they filmed. Maybe you could do a side trip.

Ya, that shower in the hall bathroom is ridiculous. It feels like it was made for children. You could always shower downstairs, but that bathroom is FREEZING.