Thursday, September 24, 2009

Told You So

One of the things my boss is unhappy with me about is that I'm not innovative in ways to curb medical costs and plan design. The thing is, and I told him this, we have tried several times over the years to make changes to help with our ridiculous costs of benefits for our dependent and family coverage. We always get shot down. I read an analogy once about why you don't smack toddler's hands... if you continue to do so, they eventually stop reaching for things and it can impact curiosity. It is the same situation here. We'd do work and propose changes and get shot down. After awhile you stop reaching. SO... my boss and to a lesser extent me did a bunch of work to propose new coverage levels and new cost for employees blah blah blah. He and our broker presented it to our executives last week. This week... No go. No changes (except a higher cost for dependents yet again as they have no more money to give us either). They want to form a committee to study the possibility of considering forming a task force who will think about the feasability of forming a consortium to ponder the conversation around benefit changes. (Or something like that :) ) I totally want to say "Told you so" but obviously will not. Maybe in my exit interview if and when I get a new job.

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