Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bats in my belfry

I remember this morning's dream quite vividly. First in the dream I bought a house and it was a beautiful big old house. The front door opened to a great big dining/living room that had wood floors and a big table with 8 chairs. The walls were that old style wood/wall paper combo (you know, wood at the bottom half of the wall and cream wall paper at the top of the wall). Upstairs were the bedrooms (and here's where it got a little weird, whenever I'd go upstairs I'd revert back to being a child and in my dream my father was not MY father but the person who was my father was a mean man.) So I was prowling around my giant main room and a little girl sold me some girl scout cookies. In my dream she was from the mat-su girl scout council. (Mat/su is for Matanuska/Susitna Borough in AK). She only had two styles of cookies to sell so I donated money to her. Then I went back to looking carefully at my home and my back yard was beautiful and big. I was getting ready to go outside when I discovered there was a whole spot of my floor that was damaged and the wall too. I looked up and there were sleeping bats. Big ones and little ones. I didn't want to disturb them but they were destroying this whole part of my house. I went back in the main room to make a game plan and was getting ready to go outside when this whole group of bugs (but cute like cartoon bugs not creepy and scary gross bugs) decided to have a bug war. I put on a shoe and stomped the bad ones. So weird.

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