Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What to do what to do....

So my eharmony subscription ran out last week. I decided not to renew because a - it is very expensive and b - I wasn't really getting any responses. I had 2 people make it to open communication, one I definitely wasn't feeling and the other, eh not really either. I emailed him in Jan and never heard back. The rest of the people I would try to send first questions for some but wouldn't hear back. Now I don't know. I'm contemplating Match because they have that 6 month guarantee. (They don't refund your money but instead extend you for 6 months at no cost) but is it really worth it? If I want to meet someone I should be more active about what I'm doing. Since I don't live in a romantic comedy, I won't meet mr right in my apartment building hallway. I've tried the theory, do what you'll enjoy and you'll meet people that way. So far while that's the dream, it isn't the reality. I hate bars, and am probably getting old for them anyway. My employer apparently only hires gay men or married men. Sometimes I think about joining this singles club here in Seattle, but then I think that seems so weird. I know a singles club seems weird to me yet online dating does not. I get the double standard there.

This neuroses brought to you by the woman at work I've made cry at least three times if not more because she's so freaked out about what is going to happen to her once she can no longer work. Thanks to her I'm now facing my own old age (I know I know I'm not old but if I felt like I were progressing in this area things would be different, but last year and the year before and the year before that have all basically been the same... )


Peeved Michelle said...

Try match.com AND the singles club. You can always quit the club if it is weird.

Stephen said...

I think you should try whatever methods feel comfortable to you. more important than being someplace that has single people is being someplace where you really want to meet others and will be excited and hopeful.

I know a certain pizza guy who seems pretty excitable :)

Joanne said...

1 - That's the point. It isn't working just going to places I like to go and whatever.

2 - I think he's kind of a jerk.

ren said...

i realize i don't know you so any suggestions from me may be way out of line, but if you are considering joining a singles club but don't really like the idea, how about taking some sort of class or joining a club instead. like say, a gluten free cooking class, or a...i don't know, a science book club (higher likelihood of guys than a regular book club). it's maybe not as uncomfortable as a singles club if you are doing something other than just meeting people.

just a suggestion.