Wednesday, February 04, 2009

No More!

99% of the time I do not use store credit cards. I have one with Lane Bryant and one with Macy's. I used them in either November or December and now am reaping the headache of doing so. Since I never use them, I never remember to pay the damn bill. Hence both have dinged me in the past month or two for non payment. Lame Giant got me because I missed December (since I never use the card I never remember) but when I got the first dunning notice I went online to pay. BUT since I wasn't paying attention I set up the payment to go out on the due date of the next bill not immediately. Grr. I'm not using either card anymore. I can't have my awesome credit score jacked due to two stupid store cards. (Vaguely interesting, I don't have a catagory for money. Must be because I work hard to avoid it at all costs.)

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Stephen said...

I too am pissed off at my credit cards. I actually have 4-6 from the hard year back in 2005 where I was literally living on credit cards.

I only used one for about 4 years, then used 2 of them for one month, and missed the minimum payment on both. They nearly tripled the interest rate overnight.


I have auto-online bill pay setup for everything, and just didn't have those 2 setup (obviously).

When my tax return comes, those cards are the first down the crapper.