Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sickness and non-sickness and why 8 hours in the cold is NOT the reason I'm sick

So Sunday I volunteered for Slopes for Hope at Snoqualmie ski area (I'm sure there's a formal name, I do not know it.) It was pretty fun. I talked to little kids about their skiing and watched skiiers and snow-boarders go careening down hills. I took some photos that I'll try to remember to post later. Also, luckily enough, one of the people I was with knew a girl who was skiing and she took my camera up with her and took some shots of the whole area. That was pretty darn cool I'd say. I had toe warmers on both the tops and bottoms of my toes and by the end of the day even that wasn't helping too much. I was fine most of the time, but by the end, I was pretty darn cold.

Now I'm sick. I know it wasn't the 6 hours in the cold that did it since you don't get sick from the cold. Plus I was feeling it on Sunday night while trip planning with Lyday. Sigh. A day and a half off from work has not helped me feel better. I'm still wiped out. I'm also cranky and quite possibly whiney. Eh whatever.

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