Monday, February 23, 2009

Changing my mind

I had a whole post about the Lion King in my head but I've since been sidetracked by other thoughts. I logged into facebook tonight and there was a notice about funeral services for someone I went to high school with. I don't really remember her that well, but I was trying to figure out what she died from. So I went to the news paper in the town my parents live in. I couldn't find the obit I was looking for, but it turns out my mother's best friend died. She was only 66. I don't know what happened there but that's sad for my mom and for her friend's family. She had a daughter and a son and 5 (or possibly more at this point) grandchildren. I always liked her.

One thing I've picked up from both my parents, I don't seem to need/want a lot of friends. Michelle was my mom's only friend. (Oh holy crap, I am turning into my mom! MY BFF is a Michelle.) Neither of my parents are particularly social people. They'll talk to people in the stores and what not but not really the hanging out or going out for coffee with other people kind of thing. They never threw parties or anything like that and in reality, I cannot recall my father even having a guy friend to hang out with or whatever. He seemed really content to go to work, come home, potter around the house. He took his lunch to work with him every single day and as far as I know ate it at his desk, so no need for someone to go to lunch with. I think that was partially because he worked on an army base and civilians can't use a lot of the services on the base, but my dad's not really a going out to eat kind of guy. I know they would never have friends over or anything crazy like that, but I do not remember them ever going out with friends either, except for Walt and Michelle (and that was when I was older since my sister and Michelle's daughter were in gymnastics again), and my dad didn't really like them either. We're a weird people, my family. A weird people.

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Peeved Michelle said...

Oh crap, *I* am turning into your parents.

My family doesn't seem to have a lot of friends either, though my mom does go out to lunch a lot with coworkers, but we don't seem antisocial either because we have so many extended family members around. We just hang out with each other.

If we do move out of CA, I am going to have to make some friends or be super lonely.