Monday, May 25, 2009

It's on the list

Unrelated to anything, I'm totally Jon & Kate's bitch this weekend. I am embarrassed by how many hours I watched their show over the weekend. It is ridiculous!

So Michelle and I have been discussing which states are on the list or not on the list as possible places to move to. Apparently, though, we can't remember usually which ones are in which catagory. :)

On the list: Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Utah, Idaho, Virginia, Maryland,

Not on the list: Arizona, California, Alaska, Hawai'i (would be so fun but TOO expensive), Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma (too windy), Nevada (too hot and expensive), New Mexico, Illinois, Kentucky,

On the hmm, but probably not list: Alabama, Oregon, North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, Iowa,

There's no real logic here truthfully... well there is. A lot of the northern states are out because of their cost of living and high taxes. That's Michelle's beef (not that I disagree, but I've lived in a state with no state taxes and I don't own property so property taxes have not impacted me either, so I don't see it). A few that are nos are strictly due to my own prejudice... I just can't live in Arkansas or West Virginia. And those on the probably not list are there because I doubt there will be the type of employment Michelle's husband would need so I'm not bothering to apply there either. Illinois is technically on Michelle's no list, but I've applied to a job or two there. There's one job I would LOVE from there (Ok I don't know if I would love it. I could get in and hate it but I THINK I would love it) and that I would take in a heart beat. Of course .. there is always finding a new job here, but given that I've seen 1, that's ONE, job posted for what I do in my own area I'm not holding my breath. Although I did get contacted by a recruiter for a job in Tacoma. That would be a suckyass commute and I'd eventually have to move south I'm sure. Although if I'm thinking I'm moving in the next 6 -8 weeks I have got to get moving on getting my shit togther... seriously. (Maybe I'm in denial actually that any of this will happen. That's quite probable. :) )

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Mishka said...

So are you and Michelle planning to live in the same state eventually?