Friday, May 22, 2009

So it really IS all about that

I was thinking about things to talk about today and really the sad part is I've got nothing... nothing but job searching and how much that sucks and how I hate to be doing it and how there are some things that if I have to leave Seattle I'll really miss. How I'm anxious at the thought of coming in and managing a team I didn't hire. (Since I currently manage one person I did hire). Maybe even one of whom wanted the manager job but didn't get it or couldn't get it. Who knows. And since I work one on one with my employee, how do I fit into a new team? With the exception of the Denver job, I have not applied for any other positions that are a step back. That scares me too. What if I fail? (I know I say in my head all the time What's the worst that can happen, I die? but Seattle seems to have made me more neurotic than I was before. Who knew that was humanly possible?)

But in non-sucky/whiny things... I didn't not get the job in Denver. They had some sort of personnel crisis so they will be letting people know if they are up for next round interviews next week. That could be great. Denver is #1 on my hope list right now.

The job I would love in Chicago keeps getting reposted. I'm presuming that means my lack of project management experience is a negative. :) That's fine. I didn't really even expect an interview for that one but I just imagine I would LOVE it.

Had a good phone screen with a hospital in Atlanta. (Well I think it went well, who knows really). Should hear if I'm selected for next round next week. Since I only applied for them on Friday and she called me on Monday I took that as a positive sign. Which means, really I could have screwed it up. :)

I think job searching this round has been less traumatic for me than last time because I know I'm asking for a lot. I am asking to be relocated in a bad economy. Theoretically there should be people in these places that can do this stuff. Although based on the number of jobs I see reposted in places I don't want to go (or positions that upon reading the description I think no, that's not for me) that may not be the case. I frequently fret that my career path is too niche but maybe that's not such a terrible thing. I also keep reminding myself that my boss posted the new boss job 4/14 and is just this week doing phone screens. This shit takes time, yo.

One thing I could do without... so many of the insurance companies contacting me to sell insurance products. I'm not a sales person. I would never ever want to do that. Even if I could earn upwards of 200k. (Like I believe that).

In other non-sucky/non-whiny/non-job things I'm getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow. Whee! Finally. It is at an awkward in between stage that I really don't like so much. It is constantly held back with a head band because the bangs are long enough to sweep to the bottom of my nose and tickle and itch it but not long enough to tuck behind my ears. I can't decide if I go back to short short because I'll be doing interviews and want to look my best or if I get some sort of in between maintenance done and call it good because I want to grow it back out. Decisions decisions. Also sometime after payday (I was supposed to do this this month) I've got to field trip to the Bellevue fatchick store so I can buy a new interview outfit.

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Kate the Peon said...

You can make GOOD money selling insurance, but I could never do it.