Friday, May 15, 2009

Job hunting is for the birds

Well I'm pretty sure the job I was trying to get a 2nd phone interview is out. I haven't heard from the recruiter in like a week and the phone interview I was supposed to have didn't happen because the hiring manager was sick. I noticed yesterday that the job was re-listed online so I'm fairly certain that means no. That's okay though. I wasn't sure I wanted to move to San Antonio. Currently the order of hope goes like this: that specific job I applied for in Chicago, a job in Denver, anyplace that isn't Texas and then Texas.

I am hoping to hear today on a possible 2nd interview for a job in Denver. It is technically a step back and yet... yet pays the same or more than I currently earn. I know it isn't a great career move to move backwards, but I'm about to anyway so why not do it while working for firemen? And working for firemen for the same amount of money I currently earn. That's the most important part. Oh wait, working for firemen for the same amount of money I currently earn in a city with a lower cost of living THAT'S the important part. Rock on. :)

I'll keep applying to any job I see that is on the approved locations list and seems like I could and do want to do it. I am really hoping I can get out before my new boss is hired. I'm not sure I could train this new person. I'm pretty sure I can't. Ok I could. I just would hate it. And would have to fight pretty hard to not be bitter. Luckily we can't actually make the hire until our office moves since there is no space for this new person. We keep being told we're moving in July, but I'm not holding my breath.


Stephen said...

Is West Seattle on the moving locations? ;)

And moving backwards is not an option. I will not allow it. Not that I have any sway whatsoever... I can barely sway dinner decisions. I see no reason why you need to take a pay cut ~ you rock and you deserve the kudos.

Don't run from your shit manager to less pay. Dump your shit manager for great pay :)

JobSearchNinja said...

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