Monday, May 25, 2009

Poor Ghetto Sampson*

So this morning the first time I woke up (4 AM after going to bed at 1 AM thank you heartburn. :S) I came out to the livingroom after the pepcid I took did not help. While I was out here playing on the computer I discovered that the right hand bottom corner of Sampson's monitor (which had been steadily breaking) finally gave up the ghost. So now it is a little hard to open and close the computer. So in an effort to repair him I was going to use black electrical tape to hold the corner on better. Sadly, I can't find it (or maybe I used the last of it?) so now... masking tape. Seriously if he were hanging out at the high school the other kids would really pick on him.

*Sampson is the name of my current laptop. You may or may not recall that I name certain products that I may some day need to yell at or beg and plead with... Sampson the computer, Pip the iPod, Ben the Bronco, Jakob the old laptop. So far the Kindle doesn't have a name yet but that's because I haven't thought of one I like.

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