Sunday, May 03, 2009

A movie review or two

Do you think Michelle Pfeiffer is embarrassed by Grease 2? I love this movie, but if I recall, it isn't considered such a great movie.

Thursday former student worker came in to my office and was asking about some contraption being built in a neighboring park. I didn't know what it was but a quick google search let me know it was a set for Daedalus Rising by the Annuki Project. It seemed interesting so I asked Stephen if he wanted to go. It was supposed to have aerialists and fire artists and it seemed cool. I am apparently not so into peformance art. I disliked the first performance a lot. The second one was okay. The third went on way too long. The fourth had potential I think... but failed to live up to it and we bailed before the fifth really got started. Actually now that I think about it, I think the fourth also sucked. I needed a lot more dangerous stunts than people just hanging on a trapeze in positions I could probably do.

In good things, though, I went and saw Wolverine today. I really liked it. I thought Leiv Schreiber did a great job as Sabretooth. He's got that kind of malicious creepy down quite well. The movie was paced quickly. I think it has a running time of 1 hour 48 min and it pretty much GOES the whole time. And for those of us not comic book geeks, it was an interesting tale of how Wolverine becomes who he is with a little about Scott (Cyclops) thrown in for good fun.

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