Saturday, May 09, 2009


I just spent an outrageous amount of money on a taxi home from pouring beer. As I was walking down Phinney (I think) in Fremont, I saw the bus go by on 34th. As I got to the stop it was long gone and a quick perusal of the bus schedule indicated the next one was 45 minutes later. I couldn't believe that spending 45 minutes outside in Fremont at midnight was the best plan ever so I caught a cab. So not only was I paying x amount per mile, I also noticed that the meter counts time as well. I was a little peeved. But since it is a rare luxury I'll get over it.

Pouring beer was pretty fun but not as fun as usual. I was at a brewery that wasn't that popular. It is a common Seattle brand so not a lot of people would come by. They can get that anywhere. There were a few people. People who have been drinking can be kind of funny people... funny in their own minds. This one guy with big hair kept coming back to get beer from me. He would always pretend he hadn't been by already for the exact same glass he was getting. He also pretended to give me a token instead of actually doing so. Towards the end of the evening, there was another guy who spent about 15 minutes griping about the box the beer comes in. Apparently they changed their box style and he was unhappy with the new marketing. He was VERY drunk. He finally left me and went over and harangued the yelp lady for another 10 minutes. One other guy was asking about volunteering and he asked what would happen if a person signed up for a Sat shift and then got their free beer on Friday night and then didn't show up for their shift. I said that you're inviting bad karma with that and you end up with your girl friend breaking up with you... and an STD. His friend busted out laughing and he looked mock offended. It was quite funny. All in all it could've been worse. :)

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