Sunday, January 03, 2010

Let's Hope She's Right

Lyday had a brilliant idea to go see a psychic. I'm game for that kind of stuff so I went too. It was interesting. She had me pegged right off the bat and I don't think I had said anything. I'm sarcastic but that's mostly to cover up blah blah blah. I am fiercely independent and that's important to me. The bottom line is she was mostly right about my personality. I take on too much from other people but don't take care of my own needs. I think that's fairly accurate. I am also not good with boundries.

So on the job front, she thinks I'll find something in 3 - 4 but didn't know if that was weeks, months or a specific date. She said I'll have an interview where I'll just know it is the right position. He'll have the same dry sense of humour I have and I'll know it because someone will interrupt the interview and he'll comment in such a way it would be similar to my point of view. I hope she's right. It would be nice if it all worked out in 3 -4 months. :)

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Stephen said...

Interesting. I've always found you to be very good with boundaries, especially emotionally and around time.

I also never pegged you as someone who take on too much; I thought of you as "giving a lot" :)

Fingers crossed for the job interview and being interrupted!