Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Quest for the Circle

Subtitled: How Lyday and Joanne completely lost their shit and drove all around Seattle last night.

Once upon a time there were two single gals who decided to spend a spinster filled Saturday night at one of their homes. Their names were Lyday and Joanne and the plan was to make enchiladas for dinner, watch Circle of Friends and make soap. Initially the plan went off without a hitch. Enchiladas were made and consumed and declared awesome. (Of course they were, they were made by Joanne who is a decent cook and not by Lyday who could burn water (but to be fair can bake a cake from scratch which Joanne has no interest in doing).) It came time for the movie. Oh where oh where could that movie be? Lyday swore she owned it. Both searched the apartment valiantly for the movie. It was not there. Lyday is fairly sure that the Wal of the Marts carries said movie for the reasonable price of $5.00. Does the daring duo go to the Wal of the Marts or do they change their viewing choice and watch Ever After?

Well obviously since this is a quest they head for the Wal of the Marts. Now Joanne HATES the Wal of the Marts. But she agrees to go along in the hopes of finding the Circle for the low low price of $5.00. Off they go protected by William Christopher to the kingdom of Renton. Into the Wal of the Marts they brave. And they search. And they search. And they search through every shelf/bin/whatever of DVDs that are there. No Circle. Is this the end of their quest? Do the girls go home and give up??

Of course not! They decide to try Target. Maybe, just maybe Target will have this. I'll save you some of the action. It does not. Nor does Fry's. Nor, according to a phone call, does Best Buy in Tukwila. Oho! Joanne says. I have this movie at home. Let's try my house. Sadly, she is either mistaken or messy because the DVD cannot be found at Joanne's house either. Now (if you're keeping track) they have attempted to find this movie at 4.5 places (phone call counts for half). This has taken over an hour at this point. Do they give up?!

Of course not. Now it has become somewhat of a "THING" for them. You can't just give up on a quest unfulfilled. Obviously somebody somewhere does not want them to watch this movie. For what nefarious reasons could that be? Who knows... but the girls will not be thwarted. Off they go to Blockbuster. It's a video rental place. It will have it, right? RIGHT? The Blockbuster on the Hill of Capitols does not. Sadly and almost defeated the girls ponder their next move. Huzzah! According to the fair maid behind the counter, the DVD can be found in Queen Anne's realm near the burger joint known as Dick's. The maidens stand outside and contemplate... Do they go to Queen Anne's or not?

Of course they do! How could they not? But first, on the way, they attempt one more spot. Half Price Books (which also sells DVDs). Alas and Alack (and not at all shocking) they don't have it either. Fearful that their little detour to Half Price Books has caused some other evil-doer to grab the Circle off the shelf they rush over to Queen Anne's kingdom. There it is! On the shelf! For a mere $1.49 it was theirs all theirs for the night. Or for an additional $4.49 it could be theirs forever.

The happy gals travelled home after getting some fries and milkshakes from Dick's. There they watched Circle of Friends and it was as awesome as it always is.

The End.

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