Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snipping the threads

One of the things the psychic told me is that I haven't really begun pulling back and preparing for moving and whatnot. That is totally correct. It isn't really in my nature to believe something until it is actually happening. I don't believe I'm on vacation until I'm in the airport at my destination. (You never know, the plane could crash). I looked around my apartment last night and realized if I were offered a job tomorrow (obviously that won't happen but if) I wouldn't be anywhere near ready to move in 30 days. Even with Stephen and Lyday and PM coming from California to help basically full time I wouldn't be ready to move in 30 days. I'm going to have to adopt PM's resolution of getting rid of 10 things every day. I will adapt it slightly, though, to getting rid of or packing up 10 things every day. And perhaps this weekend I should spend time down in my storage unit figuring it out. This way I have a place to put the boxes as I pack them away. (On that note, perhaps this weekend I should pick up a flexcar and drop off some boxes to charity since there's a ton of that to go too.)


Stephen said...

If you want to start boxing up things, and then store them at my house, that may help you clear out space and measure progress.

I have plenty of space in my garage, and I plan to do some donation runs with old stuff of Benni's anyway.

Kate the Peon said...

I got really overwhelmed in Oct when I realized I might have to move in, like, 3 wks if offered a job. I went on a getting-rid-of-things binge and that eased my mind a lot.

Do a little a day, or a larger chunk on weekends, and you'll be all set when the time comes!