Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mosiac of Sleep

I had a dream last night that started out kind of weird and then got very weird. I dreamt I was at my parents house visiting. We were all getting ready to go to bed but my mom couldn't go to bed since it was her night to guard the door. Guard the door? Apparently my the front of my parents' house had been burned and since my parents are DIYers they had just built a new wall out of like particle board and then mosiaced tiles all on the front. The problem... they hadn't attached the new wall to the existing structure yet, so it just leaned against the house. So people could come in through the big hole. The hole was kind of covered by the "wall" so the intruders would have to move the wall a little bit to get in. My mom was exhausted so I accepted the job of "guarding the house." Here's where it gets weirder... people were actually coming in. There were groups of teenagers and I would throw them out... sometimes physically. Then an older group and I physically removed them. And then when I poked my head outside to see there were still more groups planning on coming in and they started throwing grapes and other little berried fruit at me. So damn weird.

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