Monday, April 21, 2008

Boring gym stuff and some other thoughts today.

I hit the gym again this morning. Go me. I really have to work, though, to not let my heart rate get into the red. I think that's bad for you.

I baked muffins last night and burned my knuckle and the bottom of the muffins. So sad. (But they're still pretty good. The mix calls for water and nondairy margarine but I used milk and butter. Then I used a lot more butter in the "crumbles" on top because otherwise they end up really dry and not like crumbles at all.)

I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall over the weekend. Freaking hysterical. I laughed the entire movie straight through. It was well worth the full price ticket and I'm considering going to see it again...

I chatted with a coworker on Friday who is doing a foster to adoption process with a child. I asked a bunch of questions and am glad to know someone else who is going through this. She recommended starting sooner rather than later because the process is pretty long going. Since I'm looking at doing this in about 2 years (I think I've said this every year for the last several years and originally 35 was my thought but now I'm thinking 36). We talked about the benefits of school age children (only after school daycare not full day) and how they were considered "high risk" groups which offers up all sorts of other aid (daycare, health insurance, stipends, vouchers blah blah blah). My goal is to be able to swing this without any assistance, but if I've learned nothing from Michelle it is "Use the money people offer you." :) If nothing else, I can set up a nice account for my kid for her college. My other recent realization is that I may have to go back to being a corporate whore. I could earn a minimum of 10k more out there than I do here. Of course the tradeoffs are there, but that's $800 more per month. How can you argue with that? (there are other reasons... those haven't changed... I've just become more complacent.)

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