Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yet again with the shoes??

I hate shoe shopping. We've long established my lesbian tendencies when it comes to shoes. I like them practical. I like them plain. I like them well made so that I don't have to do this that frequently. I like them comfortable. I like them without velcro which seems to be a bit of a problem given the practical, comfortable and the well made rule. Somehow that translates to either old old lady shoe (hence the velcro) or lesbian. I usually would wear the regular Dansko clog, but my orthotics make my feet too tall I guess to fit in mine properly. I also have the Dansko Mary Janes (in brown), but Michelle rightly pointed out that two pair of Mary Janes may be more than I need. Oh because I suppose I should add I also would rather not own a ton of shoes. I don't need shoes that are so specific that they only go with two outfits. If I were independently wealthy, I'd have a personal shopper who would just spend her days finding the things I don't know I want until she's found it. I'm not so I put myself in your hands, dear readers. Any simple black shoes you like? Any brands you prefer? Now that Dansko has updated their site and it is all flash based they may be dead to me. I hate flash!


Chicken said...

Keens are my favorite. I think that they are more comfortable than Danskos.

Sheesh said...

Since you're putting in your own orthotics, wouldn't it make sense to not focus too much on sole comfort, but instead look at upper shoe comfort and looks? Maybe a shoe that has an insert that you can remove so there's room for your orthotics? I'll see if I can find some examples.

Sheesh said...

Turns out, you can search on for shoes with removable insoles. What about these?