Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy National Employee Benefits Day!

According to the International Federation of Employee Benefits Specialists today is National Employee Benefits Day. If you have benefits and you like your benefits you should thank your benefits professionals at your office or at least wish them a happy National Employee Benefits Day. (Unless you're Michelle and she's told me tales about her peeps. Although maybe you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and it could help. :) ).

They sent out a list of the top 10 things to do today. They're funny. (Probably only to benefits people) but two that I liked were:

Show some pride for your designation. Get a CEBS tattoo. Didn't earn it yet? How about "Mean, lean benefits machine." (I totally think that's my next one!)

Protect yourself from fiduciary-based law suits by donning some really baggy trousers and saying, "Can't touch this," followed by the MC Hammer dance.

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Peeved Michelle said...

I sent them an email saying, "Happy National Employee Benefits Day :)" I am a good little suck-up.