Monday, April 28, 2008

GWB Would be so proud

I was originally going to bank my random extra money they should be sending out any minute now. Then I thought, well I really need a new pair of tennis shoes and a new pair of work shoes so I'll buy those and bank the rest. And then I realized we're heading into spring/summer and as always I have nothing to wear to work for spring/summer weather. Every year I struggle with this. In the winter I wear pants and a sweater almost every single day. Sometimes I get reckless and wear a skirt and a sweater. In the spring/summer I struggle. I loathe 3/4th sleeve shirts which seems to be all you can get in the button down look for women. I have 3 men's shirts that I wear but in reality they are probably totally inappropriate (they hang down to my upper thigh. At least one could be a shirtdress if I were daring.). I would like to wear more skirts but that would either require more industrial undergarments (to prevent the thigh rub issue) or buying that stuff runners use. Maybe I'll try that. Also, now that I've totally lost where I was going with all this, I love how The Avenue suggests things to go with the separates you are looking at on their site. I need that! They call it "create a look" and all I can think is thank you for granimals. :) Also, if you've long admired a skirt a coworker owns and you see a similar skirt, is it in bad taste to get it. How about if that coworker is one who frequently gets mistaken for you? :) (Or you for her.) Finally, the word Skort is just wrong and apparently Republicans are useful sometimes after all. ;)

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middlegirl said...

Just an FYI to save yourself money, "chub-rub" can be pre-empted by just apply anti-perspirant to the inner thigh area.

I use the same as I use in the arm area and it is quite successful.

I know appreciate the skirts so much more now that the chafing has been resolved