Thursday, May 29, 2008


Did y'all know I turn 35 next year? I'm not panicking yet. :) I'm not anticipating doing so. But I have decided to postpone my Ireland trip until next year so I can go over my birthday. I think that'll be fun! I also think I'm going to get tattoo #3 while in Dublin. Maybe instead of bringing back refrigerator magnets, I'll start bringing back body art. ;) Kidding. ish. :)

This also means I have to start figuring out a budget and saving money. So far I'm like whatever % of Americans with no savings and debt. Sigh. Starting July 1 (and the reason for July 1 is because Girl Scout camping is going to suck up money in June) I'm going to figure out a budget and stick to it. Crap. I won't make my plan to start the process of adopting kids at 36 if I don't start saving now. Saving for a bigger apartment or a home if I can do that. Also, like most Americans, I don't want to face my budgetary issues so this'll be fun. I'll need to figure out a carrot to make me do this. :)

Also, I just spent 35 minutes swimming laps in the pool. Yay! I'm totally wiped out right now and they weren't the best laps ever. There was a lot of pausing between laps while I breathed, but I did a good 15 laps or so. Although in full disclosure mode, I must say it wasn't that long a pool. Now I'm all clean and lotioned and sleepy. :)

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Stephen said...

If you wait until next year, we may just end up going with you :P