Monday, May 26, 2008

Rigby knows how to torment me!

I spent 40 minutes looking for Rigby this afternoon. The vet tech at my vet's office is taking care of the girls for me while I'm gone and she swung by to pick up the girls. Tess was no problem. She was awake and I managed to snag her and dump her in the carrier right away. Rigby was another story. I searched. I tore my bedroom apart. I shoved a stick under the bed trying to wake her if she was there. I threw stuff all around to look under things. I couldn't find her. I begged. I pleaded. I shook treat containers. I shook the leash which has the bell on it. I called her name in the way I always do. I shook my house keys (which now I'm wondering what I did with those). I couldn't find her. So eventually the vet tech left and I have to take the girls to the vet's office tomorrow to drop them off there. Sigh. So then I started worrying. Rigby isn't usually such a sound sleeper. She's usually rather alert and doesn't sleep so soundly. Could she bed dead? And holy fuck if she is I'll never find her in my bedroom by tomorrow before I have to leave. Four hours later she wanders out into the living room as though there was absolutely nothing wrong. I could almost kill her.

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Sheesh said...

I know it wasn't funny at the time, but damn this story made me laugh! I hope you have a great trip!