Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I've been working on an application to a position doing what I do but at a college on the east coast. It is in an area I've visited before and really enjoyed. I really struggle with one piece of my resume... the 6ish months I worked for a casino. I feel like I want to be honest, that I did hold this real job and left after 6 months. Under reason for leaving I just put that it wasn't a good fit for me. I suppose that's better than the truth... the job made me so miserable I was about 2 steps away from becoming a full blown alcoholic and drank daily the entire time I held that job. (I'd like to say I took time off from drinking on the weekends when I didn't have to go to that hell hole, but I didn't. Also in my defense, it is easy to become an alcoholic when your only (and best friend at the time) friend in the city is an alcoholic. Well and ultimately it was his alcoholism and your stopping drinking like that that drove a wedge between the two of you.) I hate this. I really really hate this. If I had any hope that we might get a new decent person in the position I wouldn't be looking already, but I just know how things are going there right now... and they are not going in a direction I like.

For 4 years, my troop has been meeting at my employer's. My boss knew it and the head of legal knew it and all was fine. Now my boss is gone and that head of legal is gone and suddenly it is a concern. Fuck off. Are you kidding me? They told me to call the head of our events group who do all the room scheduling and all that to ask if she had liability concerns. Rumour has it she's retiring so I'm hoping she'll just never answer the question and I'll have permission under the "silence means consent" doctrine. :) If I end up getting a new position somewhere outside Seattle, I'll have to give up my girls. That's hard to think about.

Totally unrelated, I have just started a book called The Abortionist's Daughter. It is really good. I'm really enjoying it and the complicated aspects of the book. Basically, a physician who is a prominent abortion doctor is murdered. She's left behind a husband and college aged daughter. I like the complex characters I've read so far. There was something else less downer to talk about, but I've already forgotten it. :)

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Sheesh said...

Job searching sucks. Good luck to you! If you want some help reviewing your resume, I'm happy to help.