Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lucky Shopping

Yesterday after picking up my rebuilt orthotic I figured I'd stop by the mall and look for shoes and maybe some springy clothes. There were no shoes to be found. Nothing in Nordstroms. Nothing in Macys. Nothing in the "walking shoe" shoe store. Sigh. I'm going to try a store called Shoes N Feet which caters to comfy shoes as well as those for people with feet issues. BUT the lucky part is that I went to the fatchick store. They were having a sale. I picked up two pairs of capri pants and three short sleeved shirts. Everything was on sale (which surprised me because there was no tag indicating the shirts were on sale). AND the woman in front of me had a coupon that she didn't use that she gave to me which was for $50 off a $150 or more purchase. I hit $150 and ultimately only spent half of what I was supposed to pay. Yay.

I've added more to the summer of busyness...

July 11 - 13 is the 4th Annual (fourth?) Girls Camping trip. (Now with boys!)

August 8 - 10 is LA for baby Kenna's 1st birthday

And sometime in August Mandy is coming to visit.

I think Lyday may want to go camping this summer while it is warm (as opposed to camping in February) and quite possibly a Stephen & Ben trip in the works.

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