Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have arrived! :)

I'm in Nashville. The flight was actually eventful. While on the flight some guy in a forward row took seriously ill and they actually called for someone with medical experience. The lady in the seat next to me was apparently a nurse and she went up there. The guy was vomiting up blood. Ew. He seemed to stop vomiting and so we continued the flight to Nashville instead of stopping somewhere else. That was nice.

The hotel is MASSIVE. I cannot stress enough how big this place seems to me. And I seem to be as far away from my convention as I could be. Sigh. It is really pretty here though. I went outside and the air was warm and heavy. I think southerners refer to it as "sultry." Also, although I'm not really willing to pay extra for it, I bet a balcony room would be nice. Most of the hotel is enclosed under glass and there are all sorts of plants and water running through it. However it wasn't TOO hard to get around. I found my dinner restaurant pretty quickly.

I should be checking my work email and looking at the questions for the new head of HR we're interviewing on Monday when I get back. Clearly I'm not. :)

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