Monday, May 12, 2008


I went to two shows this weekend. Of course I went as an usher so they were both free. :) (Seriously, if you've got time on your hands look to your local theater and see if they have volunteer positions for ushers. It is fun and a free way to see shows!) :)

Margaret Cho - Margaret Cho is funny. I really enjoy her shows. The last time I saw her was at Benaroya Hall and that was a much more politically charged show. This show was much more a pen1s and vajayjay show. In fact, her last bit was a song that she sings about something she enjoys people doing and one thing she said before she started singing was that the song would get stuck in your head. You would think of it at inappropriate times. That totally happened this morning while I was getting ready for work. Damn earworm.

Cake -I like the band Cake. I think some of their songs are really funny. You've got to love a song where the chorus is about b00bs that bounce on an Italian leather sofa. (really you have to hear it sung it is hysterical and not at all secksual). It was a good show, but there were a couple things marring it for me. One - The guitar player was smoking during the show. I was really really distracted by that. First trying to figure out if that's really what he was doing. Then I kept thinking, that's against the rules, right? Then I was distracted about how he was going to deal with the ash and putting it out. I don't even remember what song he was smoking through, just that he was. Plus they did an encore which I hate. I just peeved about it, you can read about it there. :)

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