Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And then her ovaries exploded

I was with Lyday at the mall yesterday when my ovaries exploded. There were two little girls ahead of us. They were between 18 months and 2 years I'd wager. One whose mom was walking nearby was African and the other (towheaded) had her father nearby pushing a stroller. They were so freaking cute together. Neither could talk I think... or if they did it was pretty limited vocab so they kind of did a little dance and then one chased the other and then ultimately they ended up walking down the corridor holding hands. As I turned around to walk backwards and watch the little scene I'm pretty sure an ovary exploded.


Stephen said...

Ahhh seeing cute kids on the street. Always an ovary-exploder.

And then there is the tantrum back at home... a head exploder :)

Seriously, kids are something amazing!

baseballmom said...

aww, if only all of the GROWNUPS in the world could get along like that! I like your blog...I'm in Tacoma, so it's fun to read about things that I've seen!