Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Why doesn't Nyquil have an 8 hour formula? Isn't it illogical that the medication wears off after 4 hours? I need to sleep longer than 4 hours. And when I woke up at 1 this morning totally unable to breathe because one nostril was so full of whatever that I couldn't get enough air I pondered taking more Nyquil but then I thought I didn't want to take too much and be groggy in the AM. So instead I didn't and was groggy in the AM. Hm.... I usually worship at the alter of pseudophedrine but I recently read that it can cause sleeplessness so I don't want to take it at night when I'm already having a terrible time sleeping. However during daylight hours I'm all over the Aleve Cold & Sinus. I love it!

I had another pondering thought but apparently in my cold induced foggyness it has escaped me.

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Stephen said...

Hope you feel better *thinking of you, squishy hugs*