Monday, July 14, 2008

Can I start today over?

And not in a tomorrow is a new day kind of way, but can I wake up tomorrow and it be Monday again?

Let's start with what went wrong today: My mom IM'd me this morning asking if I got a package on Saturday. I did not. Apparently she sent back my antique watch that she had repaired via USPS and it allegedly arrived on Saturday. It may have, but if so someone else has it. Fuck. Also, this totally undoes the 6 years it has taken me to convince her that she should just mail packages to me via USPS. I'm still hoping it may come in and that the postal carrier just hasn't delivered it yet.

I was supposed to go on a fancy schmancy dinner cruise tonight. I was excited to go and came home and changed clothes several times to look appropriately "smart casual." I walked down to catch the bus and got on bus 17. Turns out I got on the express bus which doesn't go down Westlake like I wanted it to. (Looking at the trip planner that bus must have been 15 minutes late because that should have been there at 6:00 and I didn't get to the stop until 10 after 6. So I jumped on the first 17 I saw presuming it was the right one.) Anyway, luckily someone else asked the bus driver about the fact that it was an express since it wasn't going the right way and luckily that bus driver directed us to get off and how to get to the right bus. So I get on the right set of buses to get where I wanted to go and it is just 7 PM and the boat trip was supposed to start at 6:30 but I noticed there was a shuttle from a hotel that left at 6:30 so I was hoping the boat hadn't left yet. It hadn't. Theoretically yay. Except as I walk up I see a worker for the boats and she says they were just untying it from the dock and it was just pulling away. Missed it by a teeny tiny bit. So then I go to catch a bus back to my home and I wait and wait and wait and the 17 I was waiting on doesn't show up at the time it was supposed to so I get onto a different bus that only goes to Seattle Center. And then I catch the monorail (of course getting my ticket just as it is pulling away so I have to sit and wait for the next one). And then I catch my usual bus 2 home (after waiting 20 minutes for it.) Seriously I spent over 3 hours either on buses or waiting for buses or for a teeny tiny time eating mcdonald's food.

I get home. Finally. And what is broken? I'm sure you can guess. It is broken frequently enough to be ridiculous. Yup. The elevator. Jesus fucking christ. I'm so glad today is done.


Peeved Michelle said...

Aww... I thought you missed the right bus but still made it to your cruise. That sucks.

Stephen said...

my day was pretty great.
yesterday was pretty great.
Saturday was borderline (shoulda sucked, but I stayed positive).

I'm confident one of these days will not be great. At which point, I will share your disappointment.

Kate the Peon said...

That totally sucks. That kind of shit makes me so freaking angry when it happens to me! Also, it totally makes me appreciate my car, although the same type of shit can happen when you drive to the places.