Friday, July 25, 2008

That's one way to force me to mop the floor...

Last night I got home from dinner with Stephen and went to the bathroom. (Number 1 which is pertinent to the story.) And I flushed the toilet and the water didn't go down. Now because apparently I'm a moron, I flushed it again. (Unlike most of y'all I don't have a toilet with a tank. I have a flushometer type and this is the style you see in like the mall and what not.) This was a very bad thing as it caused all the water to spill over the toilet and flood the teeny tiny bathroom I live in. It was quite a mess. And then, suddenly all the water went down so apparently whatever was blocking it quickly got over itself. It was very weird and very messy. I'm sure in this case it is all me and not my apartment itself that caused this but moving on. So I will say this. #1 Brawny paper towels rock! I used them to reach the areas that I couldn't get with the mop. #2 Mr. Clean Mop (in a box) also rocks. I used that to absorb much of the liquid off the floor.

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