Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm heading out camping again this weekend. It is starting to make me a bit tired. :) But we're going to Camp Cushman over somewhere I don't know where it is actually. I've never been there before. It is the annual trip I take. Although I think this might be my last year. This year boyfriends have been invited. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It changes the dynamic of the group quite a bit. I will do one more camping trip later this year. Maybe late August or early September. Lyday wants to go still and since she bought a shitton of camping gear in Feb for our Feb trip, she should probably use it more than once. :)

Maybe I'll see if Stephen wants to go on that one. ;)


Kate the Peon said...

Were you asked ahead of time if it was okay that BFs come with?

baseballmom said...

Camp Cushman looks really fun, we drove through there to see if it was a good one to go to, and it looked good. Have fun! We're going camping at Belfair this weekend after a tournament in Monroe.