Monday, October 27, 2008


I spent the weekend at the Pacific Science Center volunteering. I love it there, I really do. Plus I get free tix when I volunteer so I can go again! Yay! It was their Halloween event and so the families were encouraged to dress up. Here's what fascinated me... the kids' costumes. I remember a time, quite a long time ago actually, where we wore those plastic pieces of crap that usually ripped and didn't offer a lot in ability to bend ones' knees or elbows. And yeah yeah, that was a long time ago and things change, but the kids' costumes have gotten so elaborate and.. I'm sure.. expensive. It just amazes me how much parents will shell out for an outfit their kid will wear maybe 4 times tops. I think I'm probably being pretty generous with that 4. There's school (if the school allows it, but not all do), trick or treating (or whatever their activity of choice is) and maybe a party or two. According to they can run full price anywhere between 17 and 30 plus dollars. Kmart has about the same prices and Walmart is maybe 5 dollars cheaper. Were they that expensive when we were kids? Does it reflect on more disposable income than when I was a kid? I don't know... Maybe it is newer materials available. It just amazed me to see families of three and four little kids who shelled out at least 20 - 30 bucks per costume (not even counting accoutrements because I know those Disney costumes are the dress and you buy the shoes and tiara and whatever else separate).

The other thing that fascinated me... the parents who dressed up. There was one woman there rocking a skin tight harlequin suit and full make up. I kind of admired her, although I sure as hell couldn't wear a skin tight harlequin suit. :) Ever.

This year I volunteered both days from 9 - 6. There were also about 11 other volunteers... all from the local high school who knew each other. It was slightly weird. Me and 11 sophmores. They were nice kids and several of them did it last year so I remembered them. It was a good time as a whole.

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