Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Irrational Desire

So I'm going to the big fancy gala again this year. I'm wearing the same dress I wore last year because a - I love it and b - I love it and c - it isn't like I'm so rememberable that people will realize I wore it last year so whateva. I was looking online for a black wristlet so that this year I don't have to ask Stephen to hold my cell phone etc in his pocket. (Well and I discovered the word wristlet this year too.) And so I google 'black wristlet' and of course ebay comes up and I start scrolling through them. I've fallen in love with a Coach wristlet. Now, I'm rarely a brand whore, but I covet it. And yet, somehow I can't get over my innate unwillingness to spend so much money on something like a little purse. So I keep bidding in hopes I'll finally be the winner. But I've got my limit so we'll see.

Isn't it cute??

Do you want to know the worst part? The very worst part? Even if I could find something similar in non-Coach I don't think I would want it because it isn't Coach. What's wrong with me??


Kate the Peon said...

How much is it?

Joanne said...

Currently the bidding is up to 46.00. I know that's a steal, but I'm not willing to spend that much. I have a bid on a different purse for 20 bucks.

Peeved Michelle said...

If you think about all the money you haven't spent on purses for your entire life, I think the Coach wristlet is an even better deal. In fact, it is practically criminal not to get it. Seriously, since this is going to be (literally?) the only purse you own and you are going to have it forever, I would go for the quality one.

Sheesh said...

I say go for it! If nothing else, use it once and then sell it on ebay again to get some (if not ALL) of your money back!