Monday, October 20, 2008

Just download the whole thing

I need to just download Blue October's whole CD. I've downloaded three songs off their Foiled CD and every time I hear something I hadn't heard before by them I love it too.

Also, the other day I was in the car and heard this song and I was thinking the artist sounded familiar but (despite their promise to always announce the artist and song) when the song ended and the next one ended, the dj didn't say who the artist was. Luckily I went to the End's website and they had this little thing where I could search for the time I heard the song and when I saw the list of music during that hour I knew who it was without even hearing a sample of the song. It was the Foo Fighters. I do love them. Not more than Pearl Jam, but a lot. And, unlike Pearl Jam, I have seen them live.


Anonymous said...

By "download" I hope you mean from itunes and not stealing the music.

Everything Blue October has ever created is amazing. I recommend buying all of their albums - especially "Argue With a Tree"

Joanne said...

Unknown, of course I mean off iTunes. :) I may not agree with RIAA practices and whatnot, I'm too terrified of a potential RIAA lawsuit to ever break the law. :) Although don't get me started on DRM software because that is a whole other thing I have a huge issue with (including iTunes actually).