Sunday, October 19, 2008

Howling at the moon

I am watching SNL. I think the Palin cameo would have been better if they had managed to keep it a secret. But I do appreciate that she seems to have a sense of humor about herself. Really, what can you do? I think when you enter that level of politics you probably have a thick skin. I thought Mark Wahlberg's piece was funny, though. Holy crap, is Amy Poehler like 15 months pregnant? Also Weekend Update with her was pretty funny too.

There has been a dog howling outside my apartment for the past several hours. It's so hard to tell, though where noise is coming from in the city, though, since it all echos around the buildings. Could be really far away or could be in the scary park behind my apartment. Either way I'm not going to check, but it is quite annoying.

Every year I think about going to the Nutcracker done by the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Every year I don't because I think I don't want to spend the money. Maybe this year I'll change my mind. Probably not. :)

I hate negative campaign ads. They are almost enough to make me either not vote or vote for the other candidate. Most likely not vote at all since both sides do it. The part that I think bugs me the most, I've noticed that there are a lot fewer "I approve this ad" spots so half these negative ads aren't even necessarily sanctioned by the candidate they are supporting. It kind of makes me wonder if they've been 'approved' by the candidates anyway. Or else if the candidate could ask the sponsors not to show them. I wish just one candidate would not stoop to negative ads and attacking the opponent in the debates. Maybe it could revolutionize the whole process. I couldn't care less about what your opponent has failed to do or what terrible things s/he may or may not have done (and let's be honest 9 times out of 10 of the claims the attack ads make are exaggerated). I want to know what the candidate is going to do.

I think there's an indy movie about to be released I want to see. I know that's shocking since in general I hate indy films, but this one looks like something I can get behind. It is called Happy Go Lucky. It starts next week at the Harvard Exit Theater. Yay.

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Stephen said...

I'll probably go to the Nutcracker this year. 25th Anniversary and all.

Are you interested in coordinating?