Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two stories of my dumbness

So I've been looking for this book for my coworker for two days now. I was positive it was sitting on my bed just under the other books sitting on my bed so I tore my bed apart looking for it. No dice. I tore the rest of my bedroom apart looking for it. No dice. I had resigned myself to spending the weekend prowling under the bed and in the dark corners and was sitting on my sofa. Less than 2 feet away is a chair with an old printer on it and two books and my laptop carrier. You know what one of those two books is right? Yup. The book.

The 2nd story even worse... I have an almost pathelogical need to not do dishes. I loathe them so I've hit upon a brilliant idea. I'll use ziploc baggies when mixing simple mixes rather than a mixing bowl. Then I don't have a bowl to wash! Yay! So last night I was mixing up a cake mix in my big ziploc baggie. I had added everything and then I opened it just a bit to let the air out to make it easier to mix (I've done this before.). I didn't realize that the other end of the zip opened as well so I just zipped the part I opened and started to mix again and blup... chocolate cake all down the front of my pants and on the floor and on my leg. There was, however, still enough to make my cupcakes so that's all that matters, right? :)

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