Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fuddy Duddy

I went to see Dark Side of The Rainbow with Stephen and his friend last night at the Pacific Science Center. Dark Side of the Rainbow was a laser show with Pink Floyd music set to The Wizard of Oz. Here's what I've learned after attending this show.

1 - I don't like Pink Floyd at all.
2 - I don't get this synchronizing thing. I think MAYBE there were three spots that matched up with the movie, but that seems tenuous at best.
3 - About 1/2 way through I got cold... COLD and by the "encore" I was shivering a little bit.
4 - I found the whole thing kind of boring and maybe if I was a stoner I would've found it more entertaining.
5 - It has been a REALLY long time since I saw Wizard of Oz. I didn't recognize almost any of the beginning of the movie. But it hasn't encouraged me to see the movie either. :)
6 - I think Toto was a Norwich Terrier and if I believed in owning pure bred dogs, I would totally get one because I think they are insanely cute.


Stephen said...

Hearing your comments afterward and reading this, it doesn't sound like you had an enjoyable time at all.

Glad you came out though.

Joanne said...

Nope, I really didn't like it, but that's okay. Dinner was good. :) And it was an adventure. :)