Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Camera Fun!

For my birthday my mom gave me a new camera. I'm very excited. And I'm obsessed with it. It is awesome. It can go up to 10 feet under water. It can get cold to 14 degrees and I can drop it from 5 feet. I'm rather impressed because she tends to be a bit odd about things she gets me.

She got me an Olympus Stylus 850SW in hot pink. How awesome!

This is a house across the street from the Northwest Puppet Center. I played with Photoshop to make it look old and weathered. It is a gorgeous house and I covet it.

The camera also has super macro. How cool!

This purple flower was at the PCC when I was selling cookies with the girls. So cool. I lurve it.

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Jodi said...

Cool camera! What a great gift. I have a weird gift giving mother too, so I can relate.