Monday, March 03, 2008

I hate movies??

I was on Netflix today trying to update my queue since I FINALLY watched the latest Titus DVD I had at home. (I watched it over the weekend. It arrived in my box in December... Early December.) I wanted to see what was next and what was on my list. I don't have a lot on the list. It is a bit sad actually. I know there are movies I want to see. I sit in the theater for other movies and think "Oh I want to see that..." over and over again. Yet when I sit down and look at Netflix, I either have seen the movie or totally lost interest in seeing the movie or it has been so long that the movie is now on HBO. Am I too picky, or are all movies made these days total crap? (And could this be an exact parallel to my love life??) :) What do you all recommend I watch? Tell me and I'll watch it. No matter how much I can't stand it. (Unless it is horror. Here I am offering y'all the chance to totally tell me what to do and I'm putting qualifiers on it. But really. I can't watch something like Saw. I really really really can't. I'm a big baby. Really. I am.)

Update: So as I'm going through my recommendations from Netflix, I discover several things: 1 - I seem to only watch movies I'm pretty certain I'm going to like. This means I never see anything that different. 2 - I seem to like gay movies. 3 - In Dramas I seem to like "black" movies. 4 - Netflix also seems to think I want to see churchy movies. Netflix seems to use the ambiguous "Because you rated this, you might like this" method of telling me what I might like. Because I don't bother rating movies I know I've seen but can't remember liking or not liking, I may have to start doing that to get more suggestions. But, if y'all tell me what to watch I'll probably watch it. I'm desperate for entertainment. TV just isn't cutting it and it is still a month before new shows start. I'm dying here...


ren said...

can i tell you to watch a horror movie that isn't really horror? have you seen "shaun of the dead"? it's got a few scary moments but it's a comedy. and i am a person who hates zombie movies with a passion but this is probably the funniest movie i have ever seen.

if you are in the mood for a romance, i love "persuasion" with amanda root and ciaran hinds. (hmmm...chances are i will recommend a lot of british movies to you...sorry if you don't like that, ignore me if so.)

oooh and empire records if you are feeling that kind of 80's vibe but want a 90's movie (don't ask me why you would be feeling that, i don't know.)

sourpuss said...

I'm with Ren on the whole "Shaun of the Dead" thing. I also really liked "Hot Fuzz" which stars a few of the same people but is not related.

Here's a small list of movies I liked. There are tons more but maybe it will get you started?