Friday, March 14, 2008

I can be decisive

I've just decided I'm looking for a new cat. (Michelle will know what that means). My current cat is disrespected. My cat's entire department is looked down upon and is in the process of having my cat's boss's cat demoted two levels. This is fucking ridiculous. The most recent slap in the cat's face... an email from someone about how he would rather ask someone who knows (translate that to: has no idea about anything) rather than trust my cat's opinion. Fuck off fucker.


Peeved Michelle said...

Fingers crossed for immediate arrival of dream cat.

Stephen said...

Do you want an indoor or outdoor cat? I would be sad if your cat strayed :( But I would be excited for your cat exploring the wider neighbourhood! hobo cat *grin*

Sheesh said...

Good luck with your new cat search!