Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sometimes things are sad

I just sent the email to set up the PCN (personnel change notice) to terminate my big boss's employment effective April 4th. (Technically he isn't my big boss anymore since I became the manager, but for ease blogging he's still big boss. He is not the toolman who is still and forevermore a tool.) I feel really sad about this. I liked him a lot and he was a great boss. It encourages my anxiety about the next step and who or what the toolman will hire in his place.

Related... Even though I've been working in benefits for 9 years now, I still giggle in my head like a 12 year old kid whenever I have to talk about STD. That's short term disability, folks.

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DD said...

I would be one to think that STDs would qualify as a STD.