Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Workout Endorphins

Lyday and I have started working out in the morning. Well, by started I mean we went yesterday and today. Wahoo! So far it has been good. I've done the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. Both days I did that. My strides average in the high 140s (I have to almost stop to drink water though, I do not have the skills needed to keep going at a high speed and not spill water all over myself so that brings down the average.) Also, my average heart rate gets skewed because sometimes I go too high and into the redzone which then loops around as though I was barely working. So that throws off my heart rate. I'll get that figured out sooner or later, though.

The reason we're doing this, besides the fact that it is good for us, is we want to do the Big Climb next year. I know I said last year I want to do it and then never did anything, but this year I have a buddy to train with. I think that'll make all the difference. Hmmm... maybe I need an exercise label.

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