Monday, March 31, 2008

Lesson Learned

I went to the gym this morning (down 4 lbs total since we started going 3 weeksish ago) and was wearing my new orthotics. They warned me that I shouldn't wear them the whole workout when I start wearing them during working out. (The first week I shouldn't wear them at all while working out. I think, though, I've adjusted to them pretty well. I haven't had too much leg soreness or feet tiredness.) I wore them my whole 35 minute workout today. I thought about 1/2 way through I should take them out, but you can't just pause the elliptical machine while you do that. After I took my shoes off I discovered I totally should have taken them off. I have two rather large blisters now on the arch of each foot. This is more a result of wearing crappy thin socks while working out instead of proper thick soled ones but whatever. Both my feet are killing me and I am orthotic free today.

This is similar to my orthotic. It is only 3/4ths foot - it stops just before the balls of my feet. It is made from hard plastic so it does not bend at all.

I had another topic to talk about but I've now totally forgotten it. Sometimes I might suck.

Oh. I remember now. Mishka asked what tests I was taking. I am on my way to becoming a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist. (Or as my father says, a certified benefits weenie - I don't know he is just odd.) According to their site: "CEBS— The premier designation in total compensation, considered the standard of excellence in the industry" Yeah, it is odd to self promote your own tests like that but it is true. CEBS Certification is frequently a 'preferred' trait on job listings and the like. Plus even though I currently don't work with comp, I can say at least I'm certified in it (which is what this week's and two weeks ago's test was - peon comp and exec comp.) so that when I apply for comp & benefit manager positions I can at least take that tactic with regards to the comp half. It seems to be that's a pretty common combination and yet it seems there aren't a lot of us with experience in both.

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Mishka said...

You can actually pause the elliptical machine...or at least the electronic ones. But getting going again can sometimes be hard to do mentally.

Oh, and thanks for answering the test question. So when you get a new cat...this could be helpful, right?