Saturday, March 29, 2008

Slacker Rewarded

I took another test today. As I was riding the bus and trying to read the study guide all I could think was that I was going to flunk this. There was no doubt in my mind I was going to fail this test. I hadn't studied and about 1/2 of the material I didn't really think I understood. I passed. It was probably the most satisfying pass that I've gotten on my tests. Also it is the 7th test of 8. I have one more! YAY! The last one is on Health Economics. I'm interested in Health Economics (much moreso than executive compensation) so this one should be the best one. And then I'm done. Go me!

I dropped off the cookie paperwork after running Tess to the vet. I had to turn the mom in. I feel badly about it, but I'm done. I realized that I had tried to contact the woman 19 times in 15 days. That's ridiculous. RIDICULOUS! I am a bit sad that this means a guarantee I won't see her daughter back. I like her kid. And I think we were good for her daughter. That's a bummer.

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Mishka said...

That sucks for her daughter but you had to do it. It is out of your hands now and hopefully she will learn her lesson. What are you taking tests for again?