Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sooo sleepy

The neighboring building had the fire alarm going off several times during the night. As if the beeping wasn't bad enough, the fire trucks came a blazing each time with sirens and all that jazz.

Yesterday was awesome! I lounged around in bed for quite a while and then went and picked up my custom orthotics. I did have a minor panic attack when I logged in to my work email to check on the time of the appointment and discovered I put 9:00 AM into Outlook. It was 9:02 AM and I called apologetic for being late and turns out I had set it for 10:00. (I thought I had but I couldn't remember 10:00 or 10:30 which is why I checked Outlook). On the plus side, I think they might actually help. On the minus side, since I'm having to relearn walking properly, my muscles are going to get sore since they're being used differently than they're used to.

I also had awesome bus luck yesterday. As I was getting to the bus stop the bus had just pulled up. I trotted down the stairs quickly in hopes it wouldn't leave and there were enough people getting on and off that I totally managed to catch it. THEN on the way home I could see it sitting at the bus terminal across the street. I figured I'd be missing that, but hadn't counted on bus driver change over time and so I caught that one too! It was nice. :)

I had to stop into work for a minute to email a headhunter our benefits guide in some form other than Publisher. It took me 3 computers in my department to find the one that had Adobe so that I could convert it. Then I took myself out to brunch at IHOP. I love IHOP. Nobody else I eat with here loves IHOP. That's sad for them. :)

Took a nap. Played some DS. Watched TV. All in all the best type of Friday. :)

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Sheesh said...

The benefits of working at a Catholic school... Good Friday! Mr. Sheesh had it off, too, but because I work at a state school, I had to work. :P