Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do the Puyallup

On Sunday Lyday and I went to the fair. I do love the fair although I must admit that I love the Ventura County Fair even more. Although I don't remember a lot of animals at the VC fair and I do love those too. One thing they do that I think is fun is they have a table setting contest. It is so weird as a concept yet so cool.

I always like to go see the animals. Lyday is not as fond of them as I am. My older sister had clydsdales. They are really cool horses and HUGE. They're gentle giants, though, and rather mellow as far as horses go.

Lyday as we head upside down on a ride. I think it was a green and purple kind of ride that flips you upside down. It kind of seems like the pirate ship ride but then it continues. It was fun. Lyday LOVES the rides so we went on way more than I usually do. I have a weird thing about the rides. If I'm flipping head over feet I won't get sick usually. If I'm spinning around and around I'm going to get sick. So we went on a lot of rides. I tried to take my camera on the rides as much as I could (although I didn't even try on the zipper because you're in a cage.).

Here is as we go upside down. Pretty fun, eh?

We went on this ride. At each end, there is a space for 4 people. The ride is fast and according to the sign it prevents you from getting sick. The weirdest part for me was not so much the centrifugal force but how close it felt like we were getting to the ground. I would've loved to bring my camera on this one but the operator said we couldn't even bring our cell phones (like in our pockets not that we would talk on them) because they would break due to the force. I don't know if that's right.

Oh this is from the other ride (apparently I didn't load these pictures in the proper order). The camera is technically right side up, I am not. :)

You can see the long ride from the ferris wheel. We talked about the boing boing ride that is between the two long poles but two things stopped us... 1 - cost. It is 50 bucks to ride! 2 - Joanne isn't down with the cables. If something is made with steel I feel better but the cable freaked me out a bit. 3 - the bounce up was fine but there seemed to be no control over how you swing around. I was not down with that thought.

This is from the big shot. You know it is one of those tall rides that shoot you up into the sky. It is fun.
And that's all the photos. I ate a lot of junk food which is always nice. :) We spent about 4 to 5 hours at the fair and I was so exhausted by the time I got home. Clearly a sign I'm old that I can't handle a few hours at the fair.

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Kate the Peon said...

You are crazy for going on all those rides. What's next, rides on top of the Stratosphere? (I know...I know!) :)