Monday, September 01, 2008

Photos from Bumbershoot!

Here are the photos I took at Bumbershoot. Aren't y'all envious? :)
This is the lead singer of The Blakes. I don't know anything else about this band except that I liked them.

Here's a shot of the singer and guitarist (bassist?? I don't know the difference). I converted the photo to black and white. I like that effect.

I think this is the lead singer again.

This is all I saw of The Whigs. I was sitting on the grass during the show because my feet hurt and I knew that I would be standing for Stone Temple Pilots and Jakob Dylan. I originally had a staunch group of sitters around me, but eventually I was the sole sitter surrounded by legs.

Look it is me! Yay.

Jakob Dylan. We were far from the stage. Stephen's friends were sitting there waiting for the show to start for 3 hours. That's kind of crazy to both of us but if you really like the artist then that's good I suppose.

Another shot of Jakob Dylan. I ended up shooting through the sound board guy's tent thing.

Stone Temple Pilots. Yay! This is during their opening number.

The guitarist.

Scott Weiland. I still believe guys shouldn't wear skinny jeans.


And again. Note the foot of the crowd surfer. I totally laughed when I saw that appear.

The band came out at the end and bowed.

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